October 1989

Sunrise - Kapaa Shores #218
(owned from 1989-1997)

Tom and Clark

Tom and Clark

Terry Olson (19??-1989)

Terry Olson


Clark at the Kauai Westin

More Clark at the Kauai Westin

Good Mai Tai's at the Kauai Westin



Clark at Kapaa Shore

Kapaa Shore, looking up to #218

Coco Palms Beach


Clark at the end of the road before we start hicking.

The next pictures are along the Napali Coast to the Hanakapiai Falls.
About 4 miles roundtrip.

Clay Mitchell, Russell Hunnewell and Unknown

Jay, Russell and Tom

from the back
Unknown, Clay , Jay and Tom

At last, Clark at Hanakapiai Falls
Very cool and refreshing

Tom and Clark

Clay and Russell

Clay , Tom and Russell

Hanakapiai Falls

Wonder if that giant bamboo (Moso) stock is still there?


Clark and Tom

Bryan, Clark and Russell

Clay Mitchell, Clark, Bryan Welsh, Russell Hunnewell and Jay Blanco

Kamokila ancient village by Wailua River

Tom at the village

Larry - Tour guide at the village

more of the village tour

Kauai Westin
(now the Marriott in Lihue. Still looking much the same - beautiful.)


Clay and Jay

Doran Palmer and Jay Blanco

Tom and Clark

Russell and Clay

Clark and Tom

Clark and Tom - waiting for our flights out of Honolulu

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