When Bob and Rosemary Gentry passed away, I was given a photo album of their's. The following photos are from that album and I could use your help in identifying some of the people, places and dates. Captions in quotes are taken off the back of some of the photos. Captions without quotes are my thoughts or confirmations from others. Any clue from you will be most helpful.
Thanks, Tom
P.S. If you want a larger scan of any of these photos, just ask me.

We think this may be Bob Gentry coming off the plane???

Yes, those initials are "CPA".
Is that a Chevy and what year?

Many of these photos are not real clear, but for now,
they are one of a kind and need to be preserved thru scanning like this.

This is Bob and Rosemary's house in Manila - abt 1946/7

Bob on the couch with his dogs.

He's having fun, but who is he???

I think they must have really liked dogs.

Looks like this might be the back of their house.

Bob Gentry and his(?) dogs.

"George Sullins Peso Hooch Manila 1947"

"Marge Sullins Hong Kong 1946"

Is this Rosemary Gentry?

Bob Gentry

"Bob - Me - Dave Jones"

"Art Prendergast Dave Jones Bob Manila, Feb. 24, 1947"

"Sam Terry"

"Mlgs Terry Cavite, P.d. 1947"
(This is Milagros Ramona O'Brien, Sam Terry's wife. She went by Miggs Terry)
("Cavite" is a place in the Philippines; "P" stands for Philippines; and "d." stands for date or dated.

I think this may be Bob Gentry.

Bob and I think Rosemary Gentry

"Abbie Lincoln & I (Rosemary) at Cavite, P.d. 1947"

Sam and Miggs Terry with Bob Gentry

Rosemary Gentry

Sam and Miggs Terry

Bob and Rosemary Gentry

Rosemary "Rosie" Gentry, Sam and Miggs Terry

"Llody & Doris McClelland"
(correct spelling is McClellan, no "d")

Miggs Terry

"Pat Fanning Naylor"

"Mac in jail"

""Ulrich Vigelman getting a ticket on Dewey Blvd. Manila"

I think it's the same ticket situation as above.

"C.P.A. plane -- just over Manila returning from Hong Kong
August 1947
Emma Leoung

(Probably same flight as above)

"Ulrich Vigelman (on the left)

"Baguio Oct 48"

"With Annette the inn-keeper
Baguio Oct 48"

"Baguio Oct 48"

"Baguio Oct 48"

"Ramos - Patsy - Maria - Bientot"

"Pastor, in our front yard at 701 Leveriza, Manila, 1947"
(Pastor was the Gentry house boy)

"Grace our lavendera's daughter"

Bob Gentry

Bob Gentry

Bob Gentry on the couch

Miggs Terry and Bob Gentry

Miggs Terry and ??? probalby in Manila

"Charlie Henderson --
taken on de Kantzow's boat in Hong Kong
Aug. 1947"

"Barbara Henderson"

"Roy Farrell & Chas. Henderson coming
out to boat from fishing village a
2 1/2 hrs. sail from HK"


Roy Farrell

Roy again
I think these folks played as hard as they worked!
And it looks like it!!

Bob Gentry

"Doris McClelland" (correct spelling is McClellan)

Bob Gentry and Doris McClellan

Is this Rosemary and Bob Gentry

Is that Rosemary Gentry on the left with Doris McClellan on the right?

Bob Gentry and I'm pretty sure that's Hong Kong Harbor/Bay in the background.

I know they seemed to like dogs and now cats, too.

What a great shot!

Bob Gentry

Bob Gentry

Tail number seems unusual.

Bob Gentry

Bob Gentry

"Dave Campbell
Bill O'Bryant"

Bob Gentry on the right in white t-shirt

Bob Gentry on the right in white t-shirt

"Tagatuay Ridge

Looks like the same Ridge as above


Okinawa - 1948

Okinawa - 1948

OK, somebody must remember this view???

Now this looks like the old Repulse Bay Hotel
Now that was a hotel!

OK, what are these locks-of-water?

This is a post card from the back of the album.

Another postcard and this completes all the photos from the Gentry Album

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