Unless otherwise stated all copies have been provided by Eve Coulson, Tom Moore and many of the older copies from the Joe Michiels Family. Thank you Eve and the Michiels Family.
I must also note that in 2009, Oliver Glenn donated all his various programs to me for posting on the web site and passing along to the next generation. Thanks Oliver.

I have been thinking about the next generation to carry the torch for CNAC. Right now I don't know if the next or "Third Generation" has the interest to do this. I do know that the CNAC web site will go on for a very long time. I have also noted as I post some of the older Flying Tigers/Tiger Rag and OJIA papers/booklets that there is so much history in these older volumes, but then I realized that we, the "Second Generation" are creating history by continuing to publish the Cannon Ball, having the CNAC reunions and trips to China. If you are among the Third Generation reading this and have the interest in carrying the CNAC torch, please let us know.

The Flying Tigers/Tiger Rag papers covered the joint reunions between the American Volunteer Group (AVG) and the China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC) Association, most if not all at or near the Ojai Inn in Ojai, California (pronounced "o-hi").

Please Note:Over the years, these papers have been given various titles: Flying Tigers, The Tiger Rag or Flying Tigers Tiger Rag and just plain OJAI.

If you have an issue of the Flying Tigers/Tiger Rag or OJAI Booklet that is not listed here, please contact the CNAC Web Editor, Tom Moore. Thanks.

The Tiger Rag
March 1990

OJAI 1989
Flying Tiger Pilot Award Winners Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager
We have been in-touch with Dick Rutan but no one seems to know where Jeana Yeager is today.

Signed by Miss Flying Tiger, Kay Aslesen-Warneke

The Tiger Rag
October 1985

OJAI 1985

The Tiger Rag
February 1985

The Tiger Rag
March 1984

OJAI 1983 (29 MB)
Signed by June Lockhart - Remember her on "Lassie", "Lost In Space" and Petticoat Junction?
She is still a very active lady and extends her hello's to all!

The Tiger Rag
early 1983

The Tiger Rag
April 1982

OJAI 1979 (7 MB)
Signed by Captain Kim Chang Kyu whose Korean Airline 707 was shot down by MIG Fighters in 1978.
Also signed by Doc Richards - "Official Cannoneer"
On the last page is an inscription to Oliver Glenn from Milton Caniff.
And for those who don't know, Caniff's model for his Terry and the Pirates character, Dude Hennick, was none other than CNAC's own, Frank "Dude" Higgs.

The Tiger Rag
October 1979 (12 MB)

The Tiger Rag
October 1978 (13 MB)

Joe ready to hit the road - 1977
(click here for a higher resolution of this picture)

The Tiger Rag
Fall 1977 (10 MB)

OJAI '77 (13 MB)
Signed by Chuck Yeager and Jimmy Doolittle.

The Tiger Rag
Early 1977

Flying Tigers/Tiger Rag
fall 1976
Check the story about Dick Stratford and Elmer the Bear.
And a very definitive letter from Bob Prescott explaining the real "Flying Tigers!

OJAI '75 (12 MB)
Signed by Neil Armstong, the first man on the moon.

Flying Tigers/Tiger Rag
fall 1975 (10 MB)

OJAI '74 (37 MB)

Flying Tigers/Tiger Rag
fall 1974

OJAI 1973 (9 MB)

Flying Tigers/Tiger Rag
May 1973

Interesting story about CNAC Pilot Dr. Wen (Hsian Lai Wen).

Flying Tigers/Tiger Rag
February 1973

Flying Tigers/Tiger Rag
September 1972

Dick Rossi and Don Rodewald mention a box of slides for sale.
Any of you have a box of those slides?
Please let me know. Thanks, Tom Moore.

1941 - 1971
What was the location of this reunion - San Diego???

OJAI 1969 (12 MB)
Signed by Appolo 10 Commander Tom Stafford.

Flying Tigers/Tiger Rag
December 1969

OJAI 1967 (12 MB)

Flying Tigers/Tiger Rag
Fall 1967 (12 MB)

Flying Tigers/Tiger Rag
May 1966

Flying Tigers/Tiger Rag
October 1965

OJAI July 1965

Flying Tigers/Tiger Rag
December 1964 (18 MB)

Lots of articles, pictures and passenger list from the 1964 Taipei Trip

OJAI July 1962

OJAI July 1959

CNAC Convention 1956, Miami, Florida

If you would like to share any information about the Flying Tigers/Tiger Rag papers
or would like to be added to the CNAC e-mail distribution list,
please let the CNAC Web Editor, Tom Moore, know.

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