Eleanor Watkins - mother
Linda Watkins - daughter, born in 1942 at St. Luke's Hospital in Manila.

Mother and daughter were repatriated in a prisoner-of-war exchange and returned to the United States in 1943 on the Gripsholm.

During and after their time in Santo Tomas, the Watkins were close friends to my aunt, Georgi Scott.

June 24, 2006

Hi Tom:

Here are some pictures of my mother and I with Georgi. I must have been a teenager and the little girl is my sister Ellen. In the dock picture the lady sitting down is Lucille Milcovich, standing is my mother (remarried to Jeff Tudisco) and myself, my sister is sitting in boat. I have also scanned some newspaper articles about my mother and I (hope they are ledgible. Will try to get the magazine articles soon.

Photos were taken in Sausalito, California in the mid-1950's.

Sitting down is Lucille Milcovich, standing is my mother and myself, my sister, Ellen Tudisco, is sitting in boat.
Georgi Scott is in the striped blouse.

L-R, Unknown man, Ellen, Linda, Eleanor and Georgi

L-R, Ellen, unknown man, Linda, Eleanor and Georgi

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