Husband - Walter Horace Seawell (deceased)
Wife - Carmen Elzingre Seawell (deceased)
Daughter - Charlotte Elizabeth Seawell - Charlotte was born in Santo Tomas on July 13, 1942 (deceased)
Son - Walter Richard Seawell - Walter was born in Santo Tomas on April 22, 1944 (deceased)
Ralph Martin Seawell

December 25, 2005

My parents were intered in Santo Tomas during the war. My father was Sargeant Walter H. Seawell. My Mother was Carmen Elzingre Seawell. My oldest brother and sister Walter Richard and Charlotte Elizebeth were born there. If you have any information I'd appreciate having it. My parents, brother and sister have passed on and the papers my Mother had have been misplaced. Is there any way to get copies of any of them?

Shanta Martin

December 25, 2005


I found your website and read the list of survivors. My parents were intered in Santo Tomas during the war. Unfortunately they have long since passed and the papers my Mother brought back with her have somehow been misplaced. My parents were Sgt. Walter Horace Seawell and Carmen Elzingre Seawell. I also had a brother and sister born there. Walter Richard and Charlotte Elizabeth Seawell. They too have passed. I would certainly like to have some sort of documentation of there POW status. If I contact the Army would they have any information concerning their internment? Thank you for your help.

Jo Ann Seawell Wiegel

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