Christian AndrewLarsen
wife: Valla Larsen
Son and daughter: Christian Andrew Larsen, Jr. and Valerie Larsen

September 18, 2005

My husband, Chris Larsen, his parents, Chris & Valla Larsen, and his sister, Valerie (born during the war), were in Santo Tomas. We are trying to find out the ship they came home on (arrived San Francisco) May 21st. Any ideas how we can find out that information. Heading to Manila March 2006 to revisit the area. The Larsen family lived in Manila until 1963. Valla and Chris Jr spent some time out of the camp because he was sick. Thank you for your help. Eleanor Larsen

The Larsen Group

January 14, 2006

My wife Eleanor nad I found the name of the victory ship that took from Manila after the war to San Francisco. It was the Hannibal Victory, and we obtained a VHS copy of a film of the history of the Hannibal Victory except for its trip from Manila to San Francisco in April 1945. We discovered the film in the National Archives in Bethesda, Maryland, just ourtside Washington, D.C. However, my sister Valerie just discovered an unexposed film taken on board the Hannibal Victory on the trip back to the States. We are working on having it processed; it's such exciting news.

To answer your questions. my family is not related to any of the other Larsen's who were in STIC. However, there is an interesting story about Clifford Larsen. My father, Christian A. Larsen, was one of the four men, along with Grinnell, Duggleby, and E.E. Johnson who had the underground radio in STIC that communicated with the guerrilla's in the hiils. Japanese M.P's and platoons of solders arrested Grinnell, Duggleby and Johnson on December 23, 1944 and seized Clifford Larsen instead of my father. As we know, the Japanese took the four men to Fort Santiago; tortured them and beheaded them on or about January 15 three weeks before STIC was liberated. It was indeed a case of mistaken identity as A.V.H. Hartendorp alluded to in his book "The Santo Tomas Story". My condolences to Clifford Larsen's family.

I will search for pictures of my family before, during and immediately after our experiences at STIC.

Chris Larsen Jr.

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