BEN EWING KING (1908 - 1966)

April 15, 2008

My father was one of the men liberated in the raid on Cabanatuan. His name is Ben Ewing King. Dad was a Captain when he went to Corregidor and became the Battery Commander of Battery Geary. Geary was first to fire on the enemy, and inflicted heavy losses on the enemy. Geary was first to have a major loss of life when a Japanese bomb landed in the battery as it was being fortified. Dad lost 31 or 32 men in that incident. He may have lost some of his composure too.

Shortly after that Colonel Bunker reassigned Dad to Ft. Drum as the XO. Dad was taken prisoner from Ft. Drum and was the only surviving officer of the fort at the time of liberation.

He retired as a Lt. Col. He died December 10, 1966 (Austin, Texas) from a heart condition he contracted while in prison. My middle name is Henry in honor of Lt. Col. Henry Mucci.

Richard Johnsen is the webmaster about Fort Drum. I scanned all of Dad's material and sent it to Richard:

Here is the link to my dad's page:

Thank you very much.

Richard H. King
Houston, Texas

Ben King and John McCarty were good friends in Cabanatuan. Ben is mentioned in John's book, "Cabanatuan Japanese Death Camp".

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