From Santo Tomas by Frederic Stevens:

James Leach Kibbee - father
Rosario Carbo Kibbee -mother
James Alfonso Kibbee son
Edward Eugene Kibbee - son
Charlotte Maria Kibbee - daughter

James L. Kibbee worte this letter to Ruth Grinnell (July 25, 1945) about her husband, Carroll Grinnell.

February 28, 2006

Hi Tom,

I was taking a little break and I looked up Santo Tomas through Yahoo. My family (father, James L. Kibbee, mother, Rosario C. Kibbee, brothers Jim and Ed and me, Charlotte Kibbee) was at Santo Tomas starting in (I believe) 1941, and the camp was liberated in 1945. I was almost three at the time. I don't find our name among your list of names. Do you (or anyone else) remember us? I understood that my dad was active in the population there. I can remember a few things - schrapnel raids, afternoon boxing matches presented for us kids by either the GIs or my brother, Jim. I would appreciate anything you can tell me, which I will share with my brothers. My mom and dad are deceased. Thanks so much!

P.S. I do remember the Bramble family and they had a son named Glenn, and something about the Manila Hotel in Manila. That's all I remember. I hope those were good memories. Thanks for your hard work!

Charlotte M. Johnson

Charlotte M. Johnson

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