HARRY KEOUGH (1902 - 1943)

Harry Keough

Nobember 30, 2006

My grandfather, Harry Keough, was aboard the USS Finch in the Phillippines when it was attacked at Corregidor.

USS Finch (AM-9)

After the crew abandoned ship he was captured, but was listed as missing in action until 2/26/43 when he became a known prisoner of war. He died on 8-13-43 in a POW camp. I do not know very much more, and am looking for anyone who may be able to assist me in finding out where he was imprisoned, etc. I am putting all of this info together for my kids so as they will know that their great grandfather was in the war and was a hero. Thanks for any info or leads you can provide.

Harry Keough

December 1, 2006 -- here's more from Harry about his grandfather...


There were two USS Finch's during WW2. The first USS Finch (AM-9) was a minesweeper that was attacked at Corregidor on 4-9-42. The second Finch was named after the first. I have the military records of my Grandfather from the USN that state where he was stationed and his last known whereabouts. I also have a letter from FDR to my family thanking them for his service to his country which includes his date of death. That date is not solid as I have conflicting info from the USN and the Tablets of the Missing Memorial at Manila American Cemetary in the Phillippines. The monument states a 11-6-42 death. Thank you for your responses and I appreciate you setting up the web page. I will attach a copy of his picture and a picture of the Finch . My grandfather's career in the Navy spanned over 20 years, he retired in July 1941 but was recalled back to active duty. He was born in December 1902.

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