As listed in "Santo Tomas" by Frederic Stevens
Jesse Allen Hodges and his sister
Linnie Jane Hodges

May 7, 2007


My father, Jesse Allen Hodges was interned at Santo Tomas throughout WWII. During the last year, my aunt, Linnie Higdon Hodges, was also captured and interned. My father helped her and many others to survive this hardship. My mother was Spanish, therefore we were in a separate area and had to be fingerprinted and registered (with a number) at San Juan. My brother, Robert Hodges, enlisted in the U.S. Navy just before WWII and was aboard the USS Genesee. He helped to scuttle his ship to keep the Japanese from using it. He was later seen at the Bataan Death March and was later listed as MIA after we came to the United States to start our lives over.

Thank you,

Dr. Mary J. Hodges Vance

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