January 20, 2004

I began some two and a half years ago writing short stories about the men from Hyde County, North Carolina who were in the Military during World War II, the County is small in population, still over 550 men and women were in the service, I have copies of that many discharges that were filed in our county. So far I have about 180 files open, with some research enclosed. I need not tell you, it is a very time consuming job, but one I feel needs to be completed. The stories run 4 to 10 pages, depending on how much information I can obtain from family members, or the Veteran himself. I tell you this because one of my Veterans Travis Windley Flowers, was on Corregidor and later ended up in Cabanatuan, and was one of the 511 rescued. I have met with his wife and daughter, they have very little information, they did tell me he was with the 803rd Engineer Battalion, (Company C) I can't seem to find after a heck of a lot of resarch where the 803rd was on Corregidor. Now my question, Do you have any information on Travis W. Flowers? If so, was he on Corregidor? I would be happy to share any information I can dig up in the future to you regarding Travis.---If you have any information you think I could use, I would be delighted to hear from you.


E. Royden Clarke (Roy) 29954 US 264
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Telephone (252)925-2581

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