EMIL'S EARLY YEARS 1911 - 1933
(1911 - 1933)

- April 2, 1911: Emil Sylvan Scott was born in Chillicothe, Hardeman County, Texas to Lewis Lorenzo and Frankie Frazier Scott.

- October 18, 1926/7: Letter from Emil's Father, Lewis Lorenzo Scott. "Papa" says "Emil I am sorry you got your hand shot you sure must have been careless." His hand must have healed OK or he wouldn’t have been able to fly a plane (I think).

(Courtesy of Homer Scott)

- Friday, May 17,1929: Graduated from Jourdanton High School, Texas. The class motto was "Deeds, not words".
Other classmates were William A. Dean, Melba Darby, Byron Bowen, Dorothy Estes, Gordon Birdwell, Maurice Dossey, Willard Smith, Alma Sturges, Bowen Smith, Estelle Marshall, Hubert H. Driscal, Lillian A. Vasina, Ray Wheeler, Pauline L. Miller and Adolph C. Schwarz.

- Summers 1929-1935
Emil spent many happy hours playing in and near the "Medina". The Medina River starts near the town of Medina, about 30 miles north/west of San Antonio and joins the San Antinio River just south of San Antonio, between San Antonio and Floresville. Medina Lake is between the small towns of Lakehills and Mico.

- June 2, 1932: Received "Teachers Temporary Certificate" from the Department of Education, State of Texas, to teach all grades of the public schools of Texas.

- August, 1932: Three post cards were mailed to Mr. Emil Scott, Jourdanton, Texas (9th from Bessie Ploch, 11th from Bessie & Ozell and the 27th from Linkie).

- 31 January 1933: Paid Poll Tax of $1.75, Jourdanton, Atascosa, Texas (Emil was 22 years old).

- June 28, 1933: Letter from Gates Thomas, Southwest Texas State Teachers College, Professor and Department Head, to President R. A. Bertrant, Purmela School Board, Purmela, Texas, finds Emil applying for the place of teacher of English in the Purmela High School.

- August 23, 1933: Graduated from Southwest Texas State Teachers College, with the Degree of Bachelor of Arts.

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