Beverley Starbuck Cadwallader
Billie E. Cadwallader (1911-2005)
Brooke Davis Cadwallader
Edward Frederic Cadwallader
Elizabeth Cochran Cadwallader
Frank Lincoln Cadwallader
Frederick Kenneth Cadwallader
Geraldine Beverly Cadwallader
Mary Dondiz Cadwallader
Robert Norton Cadwallader
William Frederick Cadwallader
Robert Wharton Cadwallader

Manila, Philippines - 1940
left to right
William F. Cadwallader, Edward F. "Ted" Cadwallader and Billie E. Cadwallader (Australian)
Mr. & Mrs. Cadwallader and son Ted
(Photo Courtesy of Ted Cadwallader)
(Elizabeth Cotterman Morgan sang at the wedding of Bill and Billie Cadwallader.)

(Photo Courtesy of Ted Cadwallader)

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At Ted's request, here's "On The Sunny Side of the Street"
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