This family returned on the Gripsholm.

December 8, 2006

Eldred D. Bush
Rosie Bush
Katherine Bush
Lily Bush
Herbert Bush
Chester Bush
Marjorie Bush
Frank Bush
Phyllis Bush

Still alive are:
Katherine Bush (85)
Herbert Bush
Frank Bush
Phyllis Bush

The Bush family started in Hong Kong, China, and left Sept. 1942. I am writing my mother's (Katherine Bush) memoirs of her trip from HK to US via the Teira Maru - a very interesting trip. We are, at this time, in touch with Emily Hahn's first daughter, Carola, which was a shock to my mother when she emailed us. Anyway, my mother, and I live in Albany, Oregon. We talk often of her memories of her life in China, and her trip to the US, which prompted me to write about it.

I will forward our email(s) to my home address so my mom can read everything we've talked about.

Thank you for doing this. It's great fun learning more about mom's historical past life via the internet.

Corleen Chang

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"California Here I Come".
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