CARL AMATO (1923 - 1981)
(Airplane Mechanic)
(CNAC 194? - 194?)

Carl Amato was a mechanic. After CNAC Carl stayed on with Pan American.

From the 1965 CNAC Mailing List:
Carl Amato
Box 244
Smithtown, L.I., New York

From the 1971 CNAC Mailing List:
Carl Amato
1111 Opal #8
Redondo Beach, Calif. 90277

From the 1979 C.N.A.C. Active Mailing List:
Carl Amato
22561 Woodglen Cl
El Toro, CA 92630

Unfortunately we have no more information on Carl Amato other than what you see on this page.
Can you help?


September 5, 2017

Using, I located one of Carl Amato's nieces:

Dear Tom,

Yes. I am Carl Amato's neice. I am sad to tell you Uncle Carl passed away sometime ago. I think it was in 1985 or 86. He was 58 and died during elected heart surgery - elected to enable him to keep flying- he was a flight engineer and navigator for Pan Am for his entire career after the war years. I do remember the elegant uniform you chaps wore- mechanics or not they would have suited a Five-Star general. He photographed much of what he experienced while with CNAC - Tibet, China, Chia Kai Shek - fascinating photos - even as a 7 or 8 year old I have a clear memory of the slides.

Carl was stationed with Pan Am in England in the 1950's flying the newest plane of the time. 747's? In London, he met a beautiful young English woman, they were married and then came to live in the states, had three lovely children, then moved to Oregon and finally settled in California, which is where he was when he died.

His wife passed away almost 10 years ago, and is survived by their children, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren, who may know very little of his impressive history. I have shared your website with his daughter.

Hope this is helpful with your research. The books on the website look very interesting.

Best wishes.

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