There were several models, one not much different from the other,
except for the E which had a windshield like a DC-3.

(In service from 194?-194?)

C-46 Aircraft
Tail # and Name Delivery Date Construction No. US Registration No. Chinese
Registration No.
Misc. Notes

November 3, 2004


When CNAC got to fleet number 100, they wrote the first one (1) much smaller. This is clearly visible in your picture of "Tail Number 16", which is really 116. Similarly, "Tail Number 15" is really 115. Obviously fleet numbers 15 and 16 were much earlier aircraft (a Loening and a KeystoneK-85), as these numbers were issued chronologically.

I will comment on your C-54 fleet list in a separate message.


Martin S. Best
Aviation historian, Pattaya, Thailand

C-46 -- Tail Number 116
(Photos courtesy of Kenneth Chan)

C-46 -- Tail Number 115
Dum Dum Airport
(Photo Courtesy of Charles Klewin)

Somewhere Over India


This is as big as I could get the tail - I think it's Tail #116.
(Photo Courtesy of Charles Klewin)

C-46A -- Tail Number 117
Hong Kong, China, ca. 1945
(Photo Courtesy of Neville Denton, via

ca. 1948 - Shanghai--Lunghwa Airport
Two DC-3s and a C-46

Is that you working on that C-46?
(Photo Courtesy of Joe Brower)

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