From Royal Leonard's book I Flew For China (1943)

"C.N.A.C., which started with Loening amphibians, then aquired one DC-2, gradually expanded its number of ships until they had five Douglases. At one time they had about fifteen ships of asorted makes, mostly Consolidateds, Fords, and Stinsons."

From William Leary's book The Dragon's Wings (1976)

"The airline in January 1939 had only seven large aircraft in operation: two DC-2s, one DC-3, one Ford trimotor, two Consolidated Commodore flying boats, and one six-passenger de Haviland Dragon Rapide. By 1941, after losses and replacements, CNAC could muster three DC-2s, three DC-3s, and three Curtiss Condors. With this handful of airplanes and an equally small group of pilots, CNAC maintained China's vital internal and external communications."

May 16, 2001 - From Jim Dalby

DC-1 only one built.
DC-2 14 passengers Wright 800hp engines. Nonfeathering propellers. Many built including military versions C-33, Army, R2D1 Navy & Marines. A few other variants were made like C-34 & C-39 but not many.
DC-3 had both 1200hp Wright and Pratt & Whitney engines mostly 21 passengers. American Airlines, 1936, ordered a sleeper version, the DST.
Army C-41, C-47, C-48, C-49, C-50, C53 & C-117. Navy R4D plus variants.
CNAC had DC-2, DC-3, C-53, C-47, C-47A & C-47B.

I have about 7000 hours in these airplanes.


Got any pictures you'd like to see here?
Or do you have any pictures of the following aircraft?

Consolidated Commodore
Flying boats with
only 2 in the fleet.
Convair 240
Curtiss Condors
Fourteen passenger cabin.
DC-2 1/2
DC-3, C-53 and C-47
de Haviland Dragon Rapide
Douglas "Dolphin" Amphibians
were six-seated cabins.
Only 2 in the fleet.
Ford Tri-motors
Fourteen-passenger cabin.
German Heinkel bomber
converted to CNAC transport
Loening Amphibians
"Air Yacht"

Six-passenger cabin - eight, if necessary.
Sikorsky S-38
carried nine passengers.
Only 3 in the fleet.
Sikorsky S-43
Only 2 in the fleet.
Stearman Trainer
Only one in the fleet.
were a four seated cabin.
Only 5 in the fleet.
Vultee V-1A

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