"Cousin" or "Cuzz"

(CNAC 1944/6? - 1948)

Wanda Mangun, "Mac's" wife knew Fred in Miami. Wanda said he was married to a women named Laura. After leaving Pan American World Airways, he went to Saudi Arabia to work. He was known for his stories

A 1944 document said that Fred was on his way to China.

From the CNAC Mailing List of 1960-1962:
Stinson, Fred m
Miami, Fla.

From the CNAC Mailing List of 1965;
Stinson, Fred
563 S W 7th St.
Miami Fla.

From the CNAC Mailing List of 2/1/65:
Fred Stinson
Saudi Arabian Airlines
Saudi, Arabia

From the CNAC Mailing List of 1976:
Lost and Strayed
Stinson, Fred

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