OGBURN L. MORGAN (1921-1984)
"O.L." or "Toad"

(CNAC 194? - 194?)
(Captain - April 20, 1945)

Toad Morgan
Calcutta -- December 1944
(Photo Courtesy of Al Schilperoot)

This is the bracelet that Toad is wearing in the above picture.

Last known address in 1971 was:
Ogburn Morgan
Box 315
Elon College, NC

August 21, 2001
"Speaking of names, try to find out the real name of Toad Morgan (I did!). Toad was famous for trying to swim from Hong Kong to Kowloon one night after a party. P.S., they pulled him back unto the boat (a rented Walla-Walla) quickly, because he remembered that he couldn't swim.
Cheers, G.V. Smith"

July 18, 2004
Hi Tom,

Just got your email asking about help about personal you only had names of. In the pictures I sent you --you will find Ogburn L. Morgan {Toad}. He was an army primary instruction with me at Southeastern Flight School at Bennettsvile, SC. He went to instrument school at Fort Worth, Texas the same time I did -- and got to Calcutta same time as I. He was still there when I came home. I had heard via the grapevine that he died there of sickness. That's all I know -- but I think you have at least one picture of him. I might have more I didn't send you.

Arnold Schilperoot

September 30, 2004

I received the following note from Juanita Albright the sister of Ogburn. Juanita told me that her brother got the nickname "Toad" from his days in high school playing basketball. The other team members thought he looked like a toad jumping down the court. Juanita said she always called her brother "Ogburn", not by his nickname "Toad". Juanita also sent me Ogburn's CNAC brief case, a couple of photos, his CNAC ID card, bracelet and his small CNAC wings. She is a very nice lady.

Toad Morgan
Early 1940's

Toad is the 2nd from the left in the back row.
Others are unknown. Are you in this picture?
Early 1940's

Bennettsville, South Carolina
Toad on the right, others unknown
Are you in this picture????



Toad's CNAC Wings

This clipping of Sharkey was also included.

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