September 16th, 2010
At the north end of the Kunming runway.
left to right standing
Ge Shuya, Ted Elm, Bobby Goldsboro, Eve Coulson, Russ Coldren, Tom Moore, Bob Willett, Carol Slade, Amanda Slade, David Mesner, Craig Chinn,
Petty Jiang, Jeff Slade, Carol Chinn, Wei Ping (from KMG city hall), Diego Kusak, Liu Xiao Tong (writer/historian, "Flying the Hump") and Wu Shan
left to right kneeling
Angie Chen, Shen Hong and Annie Chen

Xiao Tong and his wife Liyingshu (Shu, Li-Ying)
Chengdu - September 2012
(their daughter's name is Bany)

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