HUGH WALLACE HASH (1915 -2014)

(CNAC January 1947 - September 1949)
(Captain - Early 1947)

The CNAC Web Editor received the following note and photos from Wally Hash. Thanks Wally!


Dear Tom,

Enclosed are photos of yours truly and one of Moe (Cutburth) made in front of the Wacon Lit Hotel in Peiping. Moe & I and a few others were shuttleing between Peiping & Mukden. We would make one & a half trips. Overnight in alternate cities. Supplies to Mukden and wounded soldiers & refugees to Peiping.

Yours truly,

Wally Hash

Hugh W. Hash
(Photo Courtesy of Wally Hash)

Perry Briggs Cutburth
(Photo Courtesy of Wally Hash)

Biographical Sketch of Hugh Wallace Hash
by Hugh Wallace Hash

Hugh Wallace Hash was born in Marion, Virginia 12-24-15, the youngest of five children. When he was six the family located to Roanoke, Va. where he attended grade school and he stumbled thru high school graduating from Jefferson Hi in 1934. His mother died when he was in his senior year. So, after graduation he moved to Cordele, Ga. to live with a sister & her spouse.

His first job was in a garment factory as shipping clerk. Wages: $12 per week. Several years and jobs later he was in Anderson, S.C. when the military draft caught up with him. He was one of many assigned to the walking army in Columbia, S.C. This was not appealing so he skipped to Atlanta and "volunterred" and was assigned to the Air Corps in Tampa, Fl. Later he was permanently assigned to the 21st Recon. Sq. in Miami. Shipped to Gander, Newfoundland. Back to Tampa and in charge of Sqdn. supply. His enlisted time was from Jan. 1941 thru April 1942. Pvt. to buck Sgt.

With no college background he was allowed to take an exam. for pilot training which he passed. He attended Parks Air College in East St. Louis; Basic at Enid, OK; and advanced in Houston, Tx. Commisioned there in Dec. 1942, class 42K. Assigned to the Air Transport Command in Dallas. Started off delivering training planes from Wichita, Kansas factories to various training bases. Eventually flew and delivered every type of plane except single engine fighters. Favorite was the P38 with the A20 a close second. Transferred to Reno for C46 transition. Overseas to Casablanca flying to Cairo and towns in between. Transferred to Tripoli and flew the milk run to Cairo and return. Back to Casa and C54 transition. The war ended in Europe and we flew soldiers from Casa to Natal, Brazil via Dakar.

When the war ended with Japan all of our C54s were rushed to Hamilton Fld. Cal. He was lucky enough to avoid the occupation of Japan but flew the Pacific islands to Manila and Atsugi, Japan. Transferred to Shanghai and made Base Accountable Off. Was offered a job with CNAC flying DC4's. This was June 1947. The Army would not discharge me so I had to remain in the service until Dec. 31, at which time the Army had no choice. He joined CNAC in Jan. 1948 flying C46's. When the communists took over the Company moved to Hong Kong. Flew inside China and a couple trips to Rangoon and Calcutta. Never flew the Hump thank goodness. Quit the company in Sept. 49. and returned to the states and became a bum again.

At this writing Hash is comfortably retired and taking care of an invalid wife. This fact caused him to quit the CNAC club but he remembers the past reunions and the association with the other members, especially the Ex-Army types.
(NOTE:Unfortunately, Wally's wife Kay, passed away in October of 2002.)

Wally -- Thanks for the photos and interesting bio. Please stay in touch with a story now and then. Take care, Tom.


Shots are mostly made on the CALTEX boat in Shanghai. Caltex was an oil and galoline purveyor.
Upper right is Bob Love, ex-Army, who flew with CATC. Lower left is Jack O'Brien, also ex-Army, who flew C47's with CNAC. Jack came home from Hong Kong and flew with Ozark in st. Louis. He was killed flying with the Air Guard there. Lower right is a picture of Shanghai made from the hotel Cathay Mansions.
(Photos and captions Courtesy of Wally Hash)

(Photos Courtesy of Wally Hash)

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