January 18, 2007

From 1946 to 1949 the last days of CNAC we never used or had any fine china, glass etc. Only lunch boxes were given us with food inside, on the flying day men will give us a big container with chicken. We would put a piece in the box, for the passengers. Coffee and tea was ready made - just fill in the paper cup and pass to them. All paper cups and boxes were imported from the U.S.A. There was a brown plastic tray for the cups. Plastic was a new invention then so it was very precious. All hostesses were given a green box to put chewing gum inside and pass around before landing. Every has a plastic name plate insert by the cabin door. To serve DC-3 and DC-4 is regular plane - easy to serve. The C-46 had heaps of cargo in the center with passengers on both sides. We would have to climb and walk on top of them and balance ourselves with a tray trying not to spill any tea etc.

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Margaret (Mun)

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