From "Santo Tomas" by Frederic Stevens:

Lorna Mary Wilkinson (mother)
Mary June Wilkinson (daughter)
Rupert Hugh Wilkinson (son)

February 9, 2009

Lou (Gopal), I've just ordered a DVD of VICTIMS and look forward to seeing it.

I never realised, or forgot Marion Ralston was British -- I think her mother was Swiss in origin. If by any chance Tom Moore has any contact information for her at all, I would love to know. I tried ringing around London for her but nearest I could get was ex directory (phone number blocked).

I wonder also if he knew the last name of a very striking, tough, michievous, inventive boy known as "Mousey" in the Boys Club. Made a big impression on my best friend Nick Balfour and me there. We never knew him as anything else. Could draw brilliantly small kid's stuff like planes and revolvers.

I am grateful to your advance pictures espec for the last one of two ailing men in hospital just after liberation. One was our much respected Mr. Leake, who ran our boys' club but got TB -- died a few days after liberation and I guess just after the picture was taken.

Thanks so much for your own background re STIC. Impressive.

Best, Rupert

October 27, 2009

Dear Mr. Moore,

I came across your excellent website when surfing for information about the family I stayed with during the period 1944 to 1948.

My name is Joan Attewell, maiden name Joan Pritchard. Just over a year ago I found a website about evacuees from Battersea in London who were in Hawkley during the war, and attended one of their reunions. This re-kindled my interest in Hawkley Hurst and brought back memories of my life there.

My mother and I were sent to Hawkley in Hampshire in 1944, to live in Hawkley Hurst, by kind invitation from Mrs E. Davies, who was Grandmother to the Wilkinson children Rupert and Mary June.

I was aged 6 when we arrived at Hawkley, and estimate that I was 8 when Rupert and his family arrived to stay at Hawkley Hurst after their terrible time in Santo Thomas. Rupert and I used to go tracking and making camps in the marvellous, slightly overgrown, gardens around the Hurst. After about 2 years Rupert was sent to boarding school (was that in Worcester?). My Mother, brother John who was born in Hawkley, and I returned to the London area in about February 1948.

I have nothing to do with the Santo Thomas camp, but note your comment about sharing any information about the Wilkinson family. This email may not be the type of information of interest, but I was intrigued to learn that my playmate of 60 years ago is still alive. On visiting Hawkley at the reunion last year I could not find any name that I recognised amongst the village people who very kindly gave us a marvellous tea.

Yours sincerely,

Joan Attewell (nee) Pritchard

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