WALTER E. SMITH (1904 - 1942)

August 23, 2004

My grandfather, Walter E. Smith, died at Santo Tomas on November 28, 1942 (see "Santo Tomas" by Frederic Stevens, page 496). He was from Missouri and had four children with his Filipina wife, Micae la Santos:
My father; Vernon (deceased)
My uncle; Albert (deceased)
Another uncle; Leonard
unknown fourth child

Marriage license of Walter E. Smith and Micae la Santos
July 2, 1936

Micae la Santos Smith

If you can add his name it would be nice.

Thank you,

Randy J. Smith
151 Lakeside Drive, #207
Oakland, Ca 94612

August 23, 2004

Here's more from Randy. Thanks, Randy.

Hello Tom, Thank you so much. I have attached a copy of Walter's marriage certificate and I only have a photo of his wife Micaela. I don't know what his DOB is but based upon his marriage license would be about 1904. He was born in Sedalia, Pettis County, Missouri. His wife was named Micae la Santos. They had 4 kids that I am aware of but I only knew my father Vernon and Uncle Albert. Another son was named Leonard. My father and Albert were kept in the Philippines while the other 2 went to America. My father joined the Navy in 57 and then moved to San Francisco, shortly followed by Albert (Both dead now). I don't know if they were in the camp, I do know for a fact Walter was so I would only make an assumption they were which is not good science ;-). My father was with some nuns during the war. Micaela died of diabetes either before the war or during. Walter lists his parents as Edwards and Minnie Smith (Worthless in Cencus records!) since I believe both might be nicknames.

Walter was in the Army in the 1930s there at the Port of Manila in the medical department. It appears that he was discharged from the Army prior to WWII. Walter is also buried at the American Manila Cemetery. I cannot find ANYTHING about Walter other than this. In fact I only found him listed as dying at Santos Tomas last night. My father thought Walter had died in the Battan Death March but that is wrong. The Army is no help. Since I don't have:

a: Army id #
b: SSI #
c: DOB

They refuse to do any digging for me. I know he is the ONLY Walter E. Smith to die in WWII from Missouri (as a civilian with Armed Forces) and for the fact that he is listed with the American Battle Monuments you would think they would have more information since he cannot even be listed without someone knowing his background.

Utter frustration, really! Maybe someone who knew Walter in the camp will remember, you never know! I don't even have a photo.

Thank you again and for listening to my story.

Best Wishes,

Randy J. Smith

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