September 24, 2004

I wonder if I might be added to your internee email list. My great aunt, Luella Walters, was a long time resident of the Manila area, as her husband had a business there. The Japanese let her remain in her home at Brixton Hill as long as Uncle Ed was alive. He was a wheelchair user due to M.S. and I suppose a wheelchair would be difficult in Santa Tomas where Aunt Lu would be assigned. She was there for three years.

Aunt Lu had some very touching moments in her recollections of the experience. For example, when Leyte was taken, the illegal radio broadcasted "Better Leyte than never" and the Japanese were baffled by the cheers from the Americans. And she told us that when the planes flew over as MacArther came to liberate them, the Americans chanted "the stars, they're ours, the stars they're ours........" Unfortunately, I wasn't old enough or smart enough to write her stories down or tape record them, so I'm eager to learn of her experiences through the eyes of others.

Thank you for including me on your list.

Sandy Holmes
26 Laurel Street
Fairhaven MA 02719

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