- "Amelia Earhart Queen of the Air" - 1997, A&E Biography

- "The Battle of China, 1944" - directed by Frank Capra and Anatole Litvak

- "Fei Hu - The Story of the Flying Tigers"

- "The 50th Anniversary of Life Magazine" - Hosted by Barbara Walters, October 1986

- "Flying Tigers, 1942" - starring John Wayne (not even close to the truth. Just ask Red.)

- "History of the DC-3"

- "The Liberation of the Philippines"
A compilation of Signal Corps films by Gerry Sams.
Georgi Scott is in one shot.

- "Madame Chiang Kai-Shek Reception, U.S. Capitol, July 27, 1995" CSPAN

- No Title. A compilation of some of Claire Chennaultís home movies. Sent to me by his grandson-in-law, Bob Rogers.
Georgi Scott is in one shot at the home of Troy Perkins in Kunming, 1940.

- "Only Angels Have Wings" - 1939

- "The Saga of CNAC #53" - 1998. Compiled, edited and produced by Fletcher Hanks.
Copies of this excellent documentary are still available. Give Fletch a call!
Fletcher Hanks
P.O. Box 560
Oxford, Maryland 21654
Or you could e-mail him

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