November 11, 2004

Hello -

My grandfather Samuel W. Thompson and his wife Pauline were interned at Santo Tomas. My grandfather died there (January 31, 1945); his wife returned to the US. I wonder if you have any information about them or any sources you could lead me to.

Thank you.

Barbara Greenman

November 14, 2004

Tom -

Thank you for making a page for Samuel W. Thompson. I believe he was born in 1880. I never met him. He and my grandmother divorced when my mother was two years old. Pauline was his second wife; she returned from Manila in 1945 to live with her sister in Minnesota and died sometime in the '60's.

I have several letters he wrote to his daughter (my mother) as well as the telegram informing her of his death. Also several photographs of him and Pauline living what appears to be the high colonial life in Manila. He was with the Ford Motor Company.

I will go ahead and order the Frederick Stevens book - thanks.

Your website for your aunt is wonderful. I am sorry I did not follow up and get in touch with Carl Mydans before he died. He was a friend of a colleague of mine and she told me how to contact him.

Do you know if any progress has been made toward getting Japan to make reparations for interning American citizens?


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