From the book, "Santo Tomas" by Frederic Stevens:

Leonard Leland Self (husband, 1906 - 1972)
Rebecca Letitia Self (wife, 1908 - 1977)

December 28, 2008


My name is Heather Forbis, and I am researching the purported Santo Tomas internment of my Great Aunt and Uncle, Leonard Leland and Becky Self. My Great Aunt Becky was a nurse, and my Great Uncle Leonard was a business man. Iím not sure what he did at the time of the Japanese occupation, but I know he was relatively wealthy and had interests in CalTex. After their release they told many stories to the family; however, none of the stories were ever written. I remember many of the stories, and Iím trying to piece together some of their history.

Uncle Leonard was born 6/4/06 in Fresno, California. He died 3/28/72 in Jonesboro, Arkansas.
Aunt Becky was born 8/18/08 in Maceo, Kentucky. She died 2/2/77 in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

They were married 2/26/38 or 2/26/28 (hard to read year) in Manila, Philippines at Sternberg Hospital Catholic Chapel.

I was recently given a copy of my Great Auntís book, Santo Tomas Internment Camp: Stic In Verse and Reverse Stic-Toons and Stic-Tistics by J.E. McCall. Inside the front cover, a man named E.L. Hall, Manufacturer Life Insurance Co, Manila (Rm. 38-S.S Uraguay) has signed his name.

I donít have any photographs of their internment; however, I do have one photo of Aunt Becky, which I have attached. Also attached you will find the scanned inscription (see above). I am going to contact her niece and ask about more photos.

I hope that we can discover more of their stories. Thank you for your time and your wonderful and exceptionally informative web site.

(NOTE: Heather has discovered more. Check out this long letter. Have you seen this letter before? What can you tell us about it? Thanks.


Heather Forbis

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