A.F. SANGSTER (1906 - 1938)

excerpt from a letter written by Emil Scott
Box 16
Kunming Yunnan China


NOTE: Sebie Biggs Smith remembers Sangster.

February 2, 2009

Strange how we make connections. Please see the e-mail below.

Good morning Tom,

I was walking my dogs in the cemetery by my house. His (Bo's) gravestone faces the road and I saw the date and Hankow. I lived in China for three years after college. Also I went to business school in Arizona - part of that campus is the old army AFB where the Thunderbirds trained. I knew that that unit had spend time in China during the Sino-Japanese war.

So I took a mental note, when I got home, did a google search. Came up with your site.

I will bring my camera this week on a walk, take a photo and email it to you.


And here are those pictures taken at Forest Park Lawndalee in Houston, Texas. Thank you John.

Because of John's clues to me, I have found the following:

The University of Texas - Cactus Yearbook 1924 and 1926 mentions A.F. Sangster of Palestine and Houston

If you would like to share any information about Bo Sangster, please let me, Tom Moore, know.

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