Douglas Gordon Rowland
Harold Vaughan Rowland
Michael Asia Rowland
Thomas John Rowland
Zeya Raphilovna Rowland

February 6, 2006

From Robin Prising:

Other friends of the Muir's would have been the Rowlands: Mrs Harold Rowland, (her husband, I believe, was not with her) and her two boys Harry the elder and Asia the younger. On August 7, 1937, during the bombing of Shanghai by the Japanese, 78 first-class, 72 tourist, and 346 third-class passengers, mostly women & children, were evacuated to Hong Kong on the 'Empress of Asia.' During the trip Michael Asia Rowland was born in the 'Empress of Asia,' from which he takes his name. Consequently, he was known as Asia. I knew him and his brother Harry very well. They were also in the Annex with the Muirs and I wonder if anyone has heard of them since. Like the Muirs, in December of 1941, they were evacuated from Hong Kong to Manila. . . The 'Empress of Asia,' by the way, was sunk by Japanese enemy aircraft at the Fall of Singapore.

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