CHARLES ALVIN ROSS (1907 - 1985)

From Santo Tomas by Frederic Stevens:

Charles Alvin Ross

The following pictures, information and newspaper articles have been provided by Curly's nephew, Dave Ross. Thanks Dave.

March 24, 2009

Hi, Tom:

I don't know that I can add much to your collection, but I had an uncle who was in Santo Tomas for the duration: Charles "Curly" Ross. He had been a civilian employee of the Army Air Corps in Manila. He came home skin and bones, but he survived. He credited his surviving the camp to his ability to cut hair, which he apparently did for the Japanese officers. For this, as I remember, he said he received "two extra fish heads a week."

Uncle Curly was born 1907 in Tipp City (once Tippecanoe City), Ohio; died 1985 in Sparks, Nevada. As was the case with all of my Dad's male siblings (and Dad and Mom, too), Uncle Curly was an avid Euchre player. I don't think that family ever gathered that there weren't vigorous games at some point.

I wish I could provide more for you. I do have the article from the Dayton (Ohio) paper when he was released.

I also have a recording of his radio interview upon being freed. It's dern scratchy, but audible (recorded over short wave). I don't know if I can scan the article, but I'd try if you're interested. I lived in Troy, Ohio, for many years, grew up there. After being freed, Uncle Curly went back to work for the Air Corps at Wright-Patterson AFB and finished out a career there. Contact me if I might answer any questions you have or if I might be of further help. I brought up your web page because I'm working on an anecdotal memoirs book (informal, not for publication) for our children's edification about my earlier years.

Dave Ross

Thanks to Dave and Carol for sharing this information about Uncle Curly.
Here's Carol and Dave at their 50th Wedding Anniversary
May 2008

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