Henry David Riley: father, deceased
Yurie Herie Riley: mother, deceased
Henry Milton Riley: son, deceased
Walter Howard Riley: son
Betty Mary Riley: sister, now Betty Gentry
Dorothy Edith Riley: sister, now Dorothy Franks
Evelyn Louise Riley: sister, deceased, was Evelyn Sewell
Nellie Ola Riley: sister, deceased, was Nellie Potts

In addition:
Fanny Yurie Blake, nee Riley: sister, deceased
Ed Blake: brother-in-law, deceased
Jane Louise Blake: niece, now Jane Grissom
March 8, 2005

I belong to the American Ex-POW Dallas Chapter. I was a civilian POW of the Japanese, during WW II, in the Philippines. I was 9 when WW II started, a student at Bordner. We lived on Cavite Island, where my father, brother, and brother-in-law worked for the US Navy. When the war started, we moved out to the boonies, and when Gen MacArthur declared Manila an open city, we moved to Manila. Our whole family ended up in Santo Tomas Internment Camp. My parents, 1 brother, 5 sisters, a brother-in-law, and a niece were all interned, and all survived, and came to the States.

I'm not sure I have any "incredible" stories, but one that is probably different is the fact that my mother was a full blooded Japanese woman. I've recently been trying to find out if any other Japanese, who weren't spies, were imprisoned, by the Japanese during WW II. My mother had to argue with the Japanese Officers for some time before they interned all of the family. Initially, they said that only my father would be interned, and that the rest of us were Japanese, because our mother was Japanese. Would you happen to know if any other Japanese were interned by the Japanese (excluding possible spies)? I don't believe there were any others in Santo Tomas.

Walter Riley

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