December 29, 2007

Dear Tom,

My father, Harry ( Henry Forsythe) Pringle, was interned in Bridge House for three months from 6 October, 1942, and suffered torture at the hands of the Japanese during World War II. He wrote a book on his experiences while in Bridge House as well as his time in the Haiphong Road Camp and the subsequent enforced journey to Feng Tai near Beijing before returning by train back to Shanghai after the War.

He gave evidence at the War Crime Trials. Copies of his book are now lodged at the Australian National Library in Canberra A.C.T. and at the Imperial War Museum in London. Peter Clague, in his book, "Bridge House", refers to my father and has obviously included quotes from his book.

I would be interested to hear from you with any further information.


(Mrs) Eileen Gray (nee Pringle)
E-mail graypj@tpg.com.au

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