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This is a Curtiss Hawk 3
(Photo Courtesy of Tom Moore)
Hawk 3 was widely used at the starting of Sino-Japanese war in 1937.
It has a retracable landing gear which the P-12 does not have.
Click here to see the P-12 that I often mistake for the Curtiss Hawk 3.
I'm getting better.

One of the few color photos of Hawk 3 taken during the war in Kunming.
(Courtesy of Li Wang)

Hawk 3 Model
(Courtesy of Li Wang)

Thanks to my friend Bill Larkins we have the following information about this plane behind Scotty.
Tom - After using a magnifying glass on your photo it became apparent that it is not a single engine plane but a twin engine with the engine out on the wing. I wondered why it looked so odd with a small engine and large fuselage! It is either a Keystone B-4A or B-6A and I can't tell the difference between the P&W and Wright engines in the two. I scanned a rear view of a B-6A for you so you could see how the engine sits out there in relation to the nose. And a side view just because it's so good looking!

Side View

Rear View

1935 or 1936
The plane behind Clancy Schmidt and Emil Scott is either a Keystone B-5 or a B-10.

July 1936
Emil flew Martin B-10 Bombers.
That's Emil in the front row, 5th from the right.

Sometime in 1936/7
This picture was taken in the Territory of Hawaii, probably at Wheeler Field.
These are Boeing P-12s with the 18th Pursuit Group's fighting cock emblem on its side.

Emil also flew DC-2's.
Actually, he was flying this particular plane when he crashed and was killed.

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