August 31, 2005

Hi again,

With the release of the recent movie, a friend has been asking me more about my fatherís experience in POW camps. Went to your website, and I vaguely recall that you said you were adding my fatherís name. Maybe Iím wrong, and maybe I need to send you more information.

He was interred in 3 camps, and I have to pull some records to find dates. Iím slowly archiving his scrapbook, but thatís a winter project!

Norman Oss -
Captured in Bagiuo, and interred there (Camp John Hayes)
Santo Tomas
Los Banos
Liberated from Los Banos on his birthday, Feb 23, 1945.

The rest of his family was eventually interred at Santo Tomas. They were residing in Ilo Ilo when they were captured:
Norman Oss Sr.
Theodora Oss
Thora Ann Oss (child)

Hope all is well.

Gail Oss

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