Thomas Mulholland (father, 19?? - 1995)
Don Mulholland (son)

March 22, 2009

Hello Tom Moore

My name is Don Mulholland and my Dad and I were P.O.W. S at Chapei and another camp (name unknown) during the second W.W. We were interned for three years and nine months. My Dad was a missionary for the C.I.M (Rev. Thomas Mulholland) when we were captured on the Burma Road around June of 1941. I was one year and nine month when captured and was liberated when I was five years six months of age.I have some vivid memories and was told about others. Dad passed in 1995 and I am trying to gather some info to pass on to my children and grand children. I would like, if possible, to be put in touch with anyone who could fill in some blanks. There was a man by the name of Roland Hill who would tell us kids bible stories. I wonder if anyone could tell me a little about him. Thank you in advance if you can help with any information.

Don Mulholland

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