The following mother and daughter are listed in the book, "Santo Tomas" by Frederic Stevens:
Wilma Clarke Moote - mother (British Canadian) (1??? - 1985)
Barbara Ethel Moote - daughter (American) (19?? - 1993)

An STIC researcher friend found the following information about the Moote family.

January 3, 2007


When I started to see what the husband/father had I really stumbled on to something. He was born in North Dakota in 1896, then in 1906 he and his father are in Saskatchewan, mother must have died as she isn't with them. They are with the rest of the Moote family-5 more members. 1911 still there. April 26, 1917 he joins the Canadian Army and his civilian job is Bank Clerk. He states that he is an American citizen.

1930 has him married living in Long Beach, Calif. working as a journalist. Wilma is his wife. April 4, 1939 he arrives from Manila on the Empress of Japan in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Have no dates on his enlistment but he was probably commissioned along with all the mining engineers. He is a Lieutenant in the US Navy and a POW. He is on board the Oryoku Maru, Enoura Maru, and finally the Brazil Maru on which he dies in Japan, on January 28, 1945. He probably died from all the suffering he endured during the trip. Remember he was born in June 1896 and was 49 years old, no spring chicken.

I made an error earlier when I determined he was in the Navy in Long Beach, CA. He evidentially didn't join the US Navy until he was in the Philippines. His job on the census list journalist so that was probably his liveyhood, not the US Navy. Being he fought in defense of his country he is listed on the monument at Ft Wm McKinley in Manila. Last Known Status is Missing. Again, I am sorry for the mistake on his occupation.


Tom McGeeney

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