Tom O. Moore, Jr.


I prefer first editions, with dust jackets.
Of course, being signed never hurt, either!
Iím especially interested in books marked with an "*".

- Aerophilatelic Flights - Hawaii and Central Pacific - 1913 to 1946 (1978) by L.J. Crampon

- * "The Aluminum Trail" by Chick Marrs Quinn

- "A Time For War: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Path to Pearl Harbor"
by Robert Smith Thompson. New York: Prentice Hall, 1991

- "The Background Of Our War From Lectures
Prepared By The Orientation Course WarDepartment Bureau Of Public Relations"
by Col Herman Beukema, Farrar & Rinehart, Inc. NY, 1942

- "Battle Hymn of China" by Agnes Smedley (Died 1950, England)

- * "Bombs Over Burma" by W. G. Burchett (1911- ) (Wilford G.) F. W. Cheshire Pty. Ltd., Melbourne
(Emil, page 31)

- "The Brereton Diaries" by Lewis Brereton (1890-1967). New York: Morrow, 1946.

- * "Chennault of the Flying Tigers" by Sam Mims (1887- )
Philadelphia: Macrae-Smith Company, 1943

- "China and Japan At War, 1937-1945" by John Hunter Boyle
Stanford, Cal.: Stanford University Press, 1972 (came with a dust jacket)

- "China and the Helping Hand 1937-1945 by Arthur N. Young (1890 - deceased)
Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1963

- "China Clipper" by Ronald W. Jackson (1946 - )
Everest House, New York, 1980

- "China Fights for Freedom" by Anna Louise Strong (1885-1970)

- "China Shall Rise Again" by May-ling Soong (Soong) Chiang
Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York and London, 1940 1941
(came with a dust jacket)

- "China Strikes Back" by Freda Utley

- "Claire Chennault & China" by Boyd Heber Bauer

- "Dragon Tigers" by Harry L. Kebric
New York: Vantage, 1971

- "First Lady of China: The Historic Visit of Madame Chiang Kai-shek to the United States", by International Business Machines Corp., New York, 1943

- "Franklin D. Roosevelt and American Foreign Policy 1932-1945"
by Robert Dallek, New York, Oxford University Press, 1979

- "From The Marco Polo Bridge to Pearl Harbor" by David Lu
Washington: Public Affairs Press, 1961

- "Flying Tigers 40th Anniversary Reunion"
San Diego; privately printed, 1981.

- * "The Flying Tigers: A Pictorial History of the American Volunteer Group"
by Sydney P. Chivers, Canoga Park, California: Challenge (magazine), 1965

- "General Chiang Kai-Shek" by General and Madame Chiang Kai-Shek
Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc., Garden City, 1937, New York.
(came with a dust jacket)

- * "A History of the Worldís Airlines" by R.E.G. Davies, London, 1964

- "How Our Army Grew Wings" by Charlews de Forest Chandler/Frank P. Lahm, Jr.
Ronald Press, 1942

- "Inside Asia" by John Gunther (1901 - 1970)
New York & London, Harper & Brothers, 1939

- **** "The Lady And The Tigers" by Olga Greenlaw
(I'm looking only for a signed copy.)
(Emil - pages 106, 171-176, 197, 202 and 230)

- "Japanís Feet of Clay" by Freda Utley

- "A New Atlas of China" by Marthe Rajchman
New York: The John Day Company, 1942

- "The Old China Hands" by Charles G. Finney (1905 - )
Garden City, New York: Doubleday, 1961
(about the 20s and 30s)

- * "Old Leatherface" by Keith Ayling, 1945

- "Once They Were Eagles" by Frank E. Walton (1909 - )
who last lived in Hawaii.
(came with a dust jacket)

- "Our Wings Grow Stronger" by Grover Loening

- "The Open City" (fiction) by Shelley Smith Mydans
Doubleday, 1945

- * "The PEDAGOG -1930, 1931, 1932 and 1933"
Southwest Texas State Teachers College year books.

- "Ragged, Rugged Wariors" by Martin Caidin (1927 - )

- "Roar Of The Tiger" by James H. Howard (deceased)
Orion Books, New York 1991 (came with dust jacket)

- "This Is Our China" by May-ling Soong Chiang (Madame Chiang Kai-shek)
Harper & Brothers Publichers, New York and London, 1940

- * "The Santo Tomas Story" by A.V.H. Haartendrop
McGraw; New York, 1964

- "Tiger Tales" by Milton Miller
Manhattan, Kansas: Sunflower University Press, 1948

- "Your Uncles" by Roger Cooke and Ann Gresham Cooke
Rochester, Kent: privately printed, ca 1950

- "The War of 194?" by Italian General Douhet

- "War In The Air; September 1939-May 1941" by David Garnett
New York: Doubleday, Doran & Company, 1941

- "Way of a Fighter by Claire Chennault
G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1949
(I'm only interested in a signed copy)

- "We Flee From Hong Kong"

- "Wings of the Seven Seas"

- * "Wings Over Asia - Memories of C.N.A.C."
(5 Volume Set) (Private Printing)
(I have Vol I and V. Looking for the others.)

- * "With General Chennault: The Story of the Flying Tigers" by Robert B. Hotz
New York: Coward-McCann, 1943.
Reprint, Washington, DC. Zenger Publishing, 1980


- "A Pictorial History of the American Volunteer Group, Flying Tigers"
by Sydney P. Shivers, Challenge Publications, Inc.

- "With Chennault in China: A Flying Tigerís Diary" by Robert M. Smith
Blue Ridge Summit, PA: Tab Books, 1984


- * Cosmopolitan - Aug-Sep 1942

- * Fortune - May, 1943

- * Life - September 7, 1942 (Yankee Girl by Frances Long)

- * Mechanix Illustrated - Dec 1942

- New Horizons, The Magazine of America's Merchant Marine of the Air - May 2, 1941
and June 1942. (Other issues, too.)

- * Readerís Digest - Feb 1959 (The Gallant Buccaneer of Los Banos)

- Trade Winds - June 1941 (Other issues, too.)


- * San Antonio Express, Saturday Morning, June 6, 1942

- * The Garden Island (Kauai, Hawaii), October 19, 1937 and October 26, 1937.


- Anscorp. "The Flying Tigers and 14th Air Force Story" (video).
Thousand Oaks, AAF Museum, 1985 (check aviation magazines)

- "The Plane That Refused To Die", produced by West Michigan Telecasters, Inc (1966?)

HELP! I'm also collecting memorabilia regarding:
China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC),
Pan America Airways (PAA),
the very early days of Philippine Airlines (PAL) and
pre-WWII material on Manila the Philippines and also China, especially the Kunming area.
Any help in the above effort is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!

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