James E. McCall wrote the following book,
"Santo Tomas Internment Camp
STIC-Toons and STIC-Tistics
1942 1945" (1945)

October 26, 2008

Thank you for your site - it brought tears to my eyes to view the lives of the POW's and to see what you have accomplished. My great uncle was James Emanuel McCall who wrote the book "Santo Tomas's Internment Camp". He was released from the camp, married Tecla Ibanex (a Philippina), and worked in the school system in the Philippines. If anyone has any information about him please contact me. Thank you very much.

Cynthia Fantacone

February 19, 2009 - from Maria Lench the granddaughter of James McCall. Thank you Maria, Tom.

I looked at your piece on the Internet and can fill in many gaps for James E. McCall because I am his oldest grandaughter....

Born, February 3, 1889 at Oneco Township, Stephenson County, illinois. Deceased, November 3, 1962, Denver, Colorado and buried in Ft. Logan National Cemetary.

After STIC he stayed in the islands and after recupperating from the ravages of his experience, severe berry-berry, he was hired by the U.S. Army for war relief work for citizens of the U.S., which he was provided a jeep for his transportation and a driver as well. After this job was over, he was appointed Chief of United Nations UNICEF for the Orient.

When my Gramps retired (late 50's or early 60's) he went to live in Denver Colorado with his only son, William McCall, who was a Marine veteran of WW 2 and the Korean War. This trip was to see if doctors at the VA Hospital could do something for Gramps health problems from WW 2.

James E. McCall died of pneumonia in a veteran's hospital in Denver and is buried in the veteran cemetery in Denver. His wife, Tecla McCall, died 5 years later. She had remained in the islands...thinking James would return after seeking treatment in Denver for his illnesses from the WW 2.

James E. McCall had 4 children; Ann McCall del Rosario (deceased), twins Bessie McCall Hagedorn, and Pearl McCall Davis (both deceased). The only living offspring is William McCall, who lives in a care facility in Nebraska. He had a massive stroke 7 years ago but survived it and is literally not in the present time frame....(a tough guy).

There are 5 grandchildren presently.....a 6th one died prematurely from complications acquired from the Vietnam war....he was only 44 years old.

James E. McCall topped his life with a career with the United Nations that started in 1950. The agency that my grandfather worked for, the Philippine War Relief, subsequently became UNICEF for the United Nations. His territory covered the Philippines, Java, Vietnam (then known as French Indo China) and the rest of the orient that went with the United Nations organization. It was unfortunate that his time with the U.N. was not long enough for him. Posthumous recognition was sent from President Kennedy for his terrific job in the UNICEF sector for the orient.

I commend you for putting this body of work together for the survivors of that particular STIC time. One really never forgets the horrific actions and means of survival during the Japanese occupation....

I hope this gives you the information you wanted. If I can be of more help, Just email me....

Maria Lench
P.O. Box 2928
Carmel by the Sea
California, 93921
E-mail marialench@gmail.com

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