Please add my family to the Santo Tomas list:

Louis Scott Marsh (father) 1907-1952
Annette Huntley Marsh (mother) 1907-1963
Ann Lee Marsh Hillegas (daughter) 1940 –
Huntley Marsh Mueller (son) 1941 –

In looking at your web site for Santo Tomas I was especially interested in the diary "Only a Matter of Days", by Carolyn Bailey Pratt.

My family knew her family; our fathers both worked for the National City Bank of New York and I remember hearing her parents names from my parents when I was a child. I would like to get in contact with Carolyn and I would like a copy of her book. I am transcribing my father’s diary of the years in Santo Tomas. Both my parents are deceased.

Thanks you,

Ann Lee Marsh Hillegas

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please let the me. Tom Moore, know.

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