February 8, 2009

Dear Tom,

Iíve been hovering on the fringes of all this since first making contact with Maurice, but really, if Iím going to try and make some sense of the internment years of my parents (Main) and grandparents (Harrington) and how it all slotted in with the rest of their lives, I need to become properly involved. Unfortunately, I donít feel that my contributions will amount to much; but you never know. There were many fewer Brits than US citizens of course, but my parents tended to know and to keep in touch with those true expats of all nationalities who lived in Manila permanently until retirement, and even afterwards.

I would be very happy for you to add my name to whatever kind of a distribution/query list you may have and if there is any information you need from me please do say so. I think my basic details have already been circulated among your group.

I was surprised to stumble across the American School website, at least the part of it that described its role 1942-45. I knew the children had lessons, but I hadnít realised that the school played a relatively ďformalĒ part in camp life. My mother was one of its earliest pupils (1918ish) so she said, along with Hedda Pickup (nee Vorster) who was interned I think. I also attended it, but in the 1950s.

Youíve all been at this business for a long time Ė I sort of assume you already know this stuff. Is anybody else out there going to be interested? Is it the sort of info I should copy to you all? After all, you were there, I wasnít! But maybe there are more of my generation seeking data, and they donít all know it? Your advice welcome.

Iím in the middle of reading Prisoners of Santo Tomas by Celia Lucas. An account of 1942-45 based on the diaries of Mrs Isla Corfield. She was a Shanghai evacuee and friend of William Donald. Iím sure youíll have read it but It might be worth adding it to your book page Ė lots of names in it. Iíve just got to the bit where she and her daughter Gill go off to Los Banos in 1944. Will keep a look out for Dixson Ė unusual spelling. Three more books waiting to be read!

Thank goodness you and the team have taken the trouble to record what you can.

Kind regards


If you would like to share any information about the Main or Harrington families
or would like to be added to my POW/Internee e-mail distribution list,
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