From Santo Tomas by Frederic Stevens:
British Canadians;

Joseph Hugh MacDonald, Sr. (father)
Carmen Marie MacDonald, Sr. (mother)
Patricia Margaret MacDonald (daughter)
Carmen Marie MacDonald, Jr. (daughter)
Joseph Hugh MacDonald, Jr. (son) (19??-1968)

October 7, 2007


I found your website tonight after having a conversation with my inlaws about the Ken Burns World War II program. They were telling me that there is information about conditions, etc. at San Tomas which I am interested in because my father and his family were all held there. I did not see any of their names on your list of internees. They were the MacDonald family and my dad's name was Joseph MacDonald. He was a child and he had two older sisters, Pat and Carmen, who were there with their parents, Joseph and Carmen MacDonald.

My dad died very young in July of 1968 so I have never heard his stories other than the few my mother has told me. My grandparents and one of my aunts have also died.

I do have an interesting story in that my father-in-law, Wallace Pearson, who is now 88 years old was part of the effort to liberate the island and remembers well seeing the children when they arrived. He still speaks in amazement of thinking that he probably saw the father of his future daughter-in-law and, of course, didn't know it then. I should add that this story came to light 20+ years ago when my grandfather and my father-in-law were talking at a family gathering.

I would be interested in being on the email distribution list. Thank you.


Nellie MacDonald Pearson

Nellie Pearson
Assistant Clinical Coordinator
Special Education Clinical Experiences
Northern Illinois University

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