From the Frederic Stevens book Santo Tomas:
Harold George Lyman - husband
Ella Louise Lyman, Sr. - wife
Ella Louise Lyman, Jr. - daughter

August 8, 2007


My paternal grandparents and their daughter were interned at Santo Tomas. Their names were Harold G. Lyman, Ella Fisher Lyman, and daughter Ella Louise Lyman. My grandfather was working for Pennzoil in the Philippines when the Japanese army invaded.

They all survived the ordeal and moved back to the USA and lived out their lives.

I have the original address poster that hung in front of room # 7. I can take a picture and email it to you. Please advise.

Thank You, Tom Lyman

Thanks to Tom Lyman for providing the following three pictures.

left to right
Ella, Harold and their daughter Ella

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