JOYCE LOWE (1 - 1942)
and her son
DAVID LOWE (1937 - 1942

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October 28, 2003

Hello Tom,

My name is Michael Lowe and I live in Vancouver B.C. I just signed your guest book but wanted to mail you!

My father's first wife Joyce and his youngest son David (5yrs) were on the flight that went down back all those years ago. I just typed in my father's name in using Google and was amazed that I found the title "The Accident" It was all there!

Well time has past ....Dad remarried but died in 1976. His oldest son John died in 1989 but his second son is still around in Vancouver. (these were David's brothers)

If you are interested in any more info feel free to email me though I doubt I can give much!

Thanks for listening!


Joyce and David Lowe in the following two photos.
(Courtesy of Michael Lowe)

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