From "Santo Tomas" by Frederic Stevens:
Oley Keeney - father (1888 - 1967)
Ida Keeney - daughter (1932 - )
Earle Keeney - son (1938 - 2005) (later the spelling is "Earl" with no ending "e"
Daniel Keeney - son
Don Alfred Keeney - son

January 16, 2008

In my senior year in high school a classmate was in STIC, he was a Filipino as was his mother and brothers and sisters. His father was US service in the US Navy. Why they weren't allowed to live in Manila I don't know as I know others in similar circumstances were allowed to live outside STIC. His name was Earle Keeney. At my class reunion a year ago I heard he had passed away.

Tom McGeeney

and here is additional information from Tom McGeeney:

January 17, 2008


Haven't got anything new and I think I got the order of the 5 Keeney members of the Earle Keeney family. The ones listed as in STIC, Daniel, Don , and Earle are bothers. Ida is the sister, as the newspaper article about the 1st women enlistees in the Navy puts her being born in 1932. Oley D. Keeney is listed as working for the Adjutant General Corps, so he must be the father. Mother is either deceased or living in Manila. As I mentioned my Stevens book is packed so I can't double check those names but I am sure they probably are the same.It says in my school annual that Earl is a transfer student from Malate Catholic School, Manila, P.I.

All along I assumed Earl was military brat. Father was in the Navy and was transferred to Long Beach Naval Base. From what I got the father, Oley D. was in the US Army. Stationed at Fr Benjamin Harrison in 1910 Census.(the only one for the Keeney Family). Then in 1913 he is in the Philippines, he re re enlisted and eventually is sent to Siberiia with the 31st Infantry Regiment to guard supplies for Russia in WW I. Returns to Manila and in 1921 not more records. He could have stayed in Manila and worked for the Adjutant General Corps, which his POW record states. I think that with the military activity under Gen MacArthur that this job became available with the recall of Gen MacArthur.

Earl entered St Anthony's in September 1955 so that is probably when the Keeney family entered the US. We know Ida entered the Navy in 1952 but have no information on Daniel and Don. I have a SSA Death Record for both Earl and Oley. Oley died in Lakewood, CA (right next door to Long Beach) in February, 1967. He was born on September 18, 1888. Earl was born August 5, 1938 and died December 12, 2005. I have SSA Death Records for a Dan Keeney and a Donald A. Keeney but I don't think these are the ones who were in STIC They both are listed as acquiring SSA cards before 1951. Earl got his SSA card in 1955, when he entered St Anthony's. His father got his in 1963, So maybe his father arrived after the son. Strange. I wish I could link Daniel and Don with some records. Maybe they stayed in Manila. I think Earl was the youngest son.

By putting some of this on the web site maybe you can get a friend or relative. Maybe Ida's family, if she married. Or Earl's family will see it and write.



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