We were British Citizens when war came upon Shanghai in 1932, then again 1937.

I would like to fax you the account of my fathers treatment in Shanghai in "The Saga of Bridge House" by Peter Clague. He was John Martin Watson a Britisher together with William Hutton.

The chapters are "To Hell and Back" and a message in flesh, where after being severly beaten, Hutton carved in his flesh the message, "They Murdered me". A frightening story of how the Japanese in their butality tortured without reason.

My father testified at the war crimes trials against these brutal Kempei -- some were sentenced to death.

I also have chapters of his bravery in getting messages to the outside world to the frustration of his captors.

My father did survive and worked for UNRA for some time in China, then down to Hong Kong where he opened a series of PUBS for the British soldiers.

I continue to honor my father by telling his story, one of courage putting himself in great danger, and an iron will to survive. Every man and woman with a history can and should be heard.

I remain his daughter,

Marigold Watson Hogan

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