Agnes Dorothy Iserson (mother)
Leonore Agnes Iserson (daughter)
Elizabeth Ann Iserson (daughter)

February 13, 2006

Dear Sir or Madam: I've enjoyed looking at your site and wanted you to know that my mother, aunt and grandmother were all interned at Santo Tomas, but not on your list.

They should be listed as: The Iserson Family: Agnes Hanagan Iserson (who would've been 39in 1941), her daughters Leonore Agnes Iserson (14) and Elizabeth Iserson (11). (My grandfather was in the Army Corps of Engineers and off-island when the Japanese struck.) All are deceased now, but the Santo Tomas story is an important one and we wanted you to know that it had a lasting impact on all their lives. My mother wrote articles and gave talks about it frequently.

Many thanks for your good work on this.


Mary Beth Klee (daughter of Leonore Agnes Iserson Klee)

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