WELDON HUDNALL (19?? - 1945)

February 16, 2009

Hi Tom. My name is Kristian Hudnall. I am in the beginning stages of doing research on my husbands great uncle, Weldon Hudnall. He was captured in Corregidor and died on the Arisan Maru. I'm trying to find out what prison camp he was in. I have written in my notes PW Camp #4 O'Donnell Tarlac Luzon, Philippines 15-120. I'm not sure where I found this and haven't been able to find it again. That's 3 different places isn't it? It's really confusing me. Also, was O'Donnell transferred to Cabanatuan? If you could help clarify this for me I would be forever grateful.

Here is the info that I have so far:

Weldon Smith Hudnall
Sgt. US Army
Quartermaster Corps
Captured in Corregidor
PW Camp #4-O'Donnell Tarlac Luzon Philippines 15-120

Thank you so much!!


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