Don Wendell Holter (father) (1905-1999)
Isabelle Elliott Holter (mother) (1904-2004)
Phyllis Louise Holter (daughter)
Martha Isabel Holter (daughter) (19??-1992)
Heather Anne Holter (daughter)

December 10, 2005

I was interned in Santo Tomas Internment Camp. I would like to be included in mailing lists.

Phyllis, 8 yrs. old, Santo Tomas Internment Camp, Manila, PI

Thank you,

Phyllis Holter Dunn
3630 Bluejacket Drive
Lee’s Summit, MO 64064-3013

May 7, 2006

Dear Mr. Moore,

My name is Heather Ellis, and I am the youngest daughter of Don & Isabelle Holter who were interned at Santo Tomas along with my sisters Phyllis & Martha. My father was minister at Central Student Church and then later President of Union Theological Seminary in Manila, prior to being sent to STIC. My sister, Phyllis Dunn lives in Lee's Summit, MO., and I am in Minot, ND. We would both appreciate being added to your list and to receive any e-mail updates.

I am also offering to send you copies of the address that my father gave upon liberation, as well as an article written regarding the incarceration of the four missionaries that refused to sign the pledge that the Japanese had requested the various civic and religious leaders to sign. I also have a story that my mother wrote about Christmas of 1944.

If you are related to Joseph and Helen Moore (I am not related to these Moore's), I have a picture of them and Charles & Joe, Jr. at a Thanksgiving dinner at my parents home in Manila in 1939. I also have two pictures of Patsy and my sisters, and the two Brush daughters after my birth. I have been contact with both Carolyn and Maryanne Brush, as I have been making albums for the grandchildren of Don & Isabelle Holter, who have both died, Don on Sept. 12, 1999, and Isabelle on Oct. 22, 2004.

There are some corrections that I would like you to make. My mother is Isabelle Elliott (maiden name) Holter, not Elizabeth. I couldn't figure where you got Isabelle Elizabeth til I noticed that in both books about Santo Tomas, she is listed as Isabelle Elizabeth Holter! Her BD is 1/24/06, died, 10/22/04. Daddy's BD is 3/24/05, and he died 9/12/99. Phyllis is the oldest, then Martha Isabelle,(she died 6/25/92?), and I am the youngest.

Thank you so much.

Heather Ellis

If you would like to share any information about the Holter family
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