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From the book, "Santo Tomas" by Frederic Stevens:pages 532 and 507

British citizen: John Duncan Henderson
American citizen: Bertha Helen Dworsky

March 11, 2010


Just came upon your website and wanted to tell you that my mother & father were interned in Santo Tomas.

Father: John D. Henderson, a British subject, was an accountant doing audits of pineapple plantations in the south Phillippines when war broke out. He was eventually captured, as a civilian (his enlistment papers were in Singapore when it was taken by Japanese, so he never was in the Royal services). He was held in Davao for a year before being transferred to Santo Tomas.

Mother: Bertha Dworsky, a U.S. army nurse stationed at Corregidor (one of the "Angels of Bataan"). Captured when Gen. Wainwright surrendered Corregidor. Her nickname was "Charlie".

My mother & father were married on February 13, 1945, shortly after liberation, and settled in Seattle, WA after the war.

John R. Henderson

NOTES: Stevens has Bertha's middle name as Helen. It really is Antonia.

See "We Band of Angels" by Elizabeth M. Norman for the story of the American Nurses -- "Angels of Bataan".

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